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Monday, February 11, 2013

entry geli2,pouring my heart..

6 years ago, i met u
I used to gossiping about u all around and tease sara, that you might have a crush on her..but guess what, i turn out to be the one who had a crush on u. 
All happens masa pegi camping.
Luckily kita satu team, and i work as hard as i can sbb i wanna run all along the trasure hunt game sbb nak lari dgn u..
i used to say hi to u and kirim salam untuk u melalui nene all the time masa blk camping.
SSince than, i kept all the sms yg u sent to me.,
And when you say you fall for me, i feel like crying..rasa nk golek2 suka.sbb all this while , i never thought that you will ever to like me..
And it has been 5 years in relationship with u
it has been a remarkable journey.
But somehow, everything will end in few months.
We will no longer be in relationship, and so called frienship..
Coz we are moving forward..
we' ll be getting MARRIED.

kahwin, tak tau lg apa halangan nya..i just wish, semua dipermudahkan,,
through thick n thin, lepas ni kne tanggung sama2..
im looking forward towards the day when i can hug u and tell u that 
" Even if i could open my heart and let you out, i wont do that simply because, i love u..and kamu amanah Allah untuk saya jaga, untuk saya layan, untuk saya lengkapkan hidup kamu.."

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