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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anugerah Terindah

When Allah send you a knight in a shining Armour to keep you safe and sound,
 an imam to lead you in prayer , 
a friend and partner to share happiness and sorrow, 
grant you with everything you have wish for, give you a parent that support you and love you all the time.. what more can you say except 

Thank You Allah for this wonderful life.

Thank You Allah for making this life easy for me

Asyraf Zubir
Yes, he made me happy..
Very happy.
He treat me well.Better than 'well'
He treat me like a diamond
He aint rich...but stil,
He pampered me , work hard for me and our future.
Yes, we are getting married.
100++ days left..
I once told him that i want to live in johor, he said he dont mind..
I told him once that i would like to have a home in Bandar Putra kulai,
and he bought a home there for us..

Suddently, plan change and i was awarded with scholarship ( master) but i have to work in Uitm Dungun after that, he said for better future, we will work it out.He said he is okey with it. he give me strength and convince me to accept the scholar..
I told him that i wanna have Coach bag, and he gave me money to buy one..
And these are the things that happend recently..
all the things he has done for me? 
I cant count it all..too much,,
he has done too much for me
And when i thank him for everything he has done for me,

Yes i cry out loud... 
Thank You Allah for sending me the right guy for me..
To be my imam, to be my guardian, to be my life partner
And i shall be the greatest wife of him..
And the best mama of his kids..
Please help me and give me strength so that i can be a great wife of his, ya Allah
A wife that make him happy all his life,,

Aku bukanlah Khadijah yang begitu sempurna di dalam menjaga
Bukanlah Hajar yang begitu setia dalam sengsara
Cuma wanita akhir zaman yang berusaha menjadi SOLEHAH

bakal suami,
bantu lah aku..untuk jadi isterimu yang mendamai kan hatimu...

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